Digestive System

Digestive system is one of the most important and complex system of our body involve in the digestion and absorption of the food. Entire tract through which the food move is called Gastrointestinal Tract, in which many associated organs are also involved. The process done by digestive or gastrointestinal tract is known as Digestion.

The Organs involve in digestion or Digestive/Gastrointestinal tract are:

  • Mouth.
  • Salivary glands.
  • Pharynx.
  • Esophagus.
  • Stomach.
  • Liver.
  • Gall Bladder.
  • Pancreas.
  •  Small Intestine.
  • Appendix.
  • Large Intestine.
  • Rectum.
  • Anus.
Organs involved in Digestion and their Functions