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Frequently Asked Question!

Ans: Well it depends on the individual’s pain threshold; so far most of the patients we have treated did not feel pain. Some felt light pain and others felt very ticklish and they started to giggle/laugh, which we found a bit worrying lolz (joking). The reason why they were laughing is because their skin is more sensitive. People build a huge mental image inside their head of a blade with red blood and they automatically feel scared. The best way we can describe the blade cuts is that it is not deep cuts, probably lighter than a paper cut and several small cuts are made on the surface of the skin. There is nothing to be scared of, we are sure there are people out there who are going through bigger pains in life.

Ans: Relax! Take a chill pill we don’t want the blood to spill (Jokes aside). One thing you have to understand is that the blood that comes out is from the surface of the skin, it is not from the mainstream. If you are thinking your blood system only contains hemoglobin, platelets, plasma and white blood cells you are wrong, there are so many other junks that fly around in your body such as dead blood cells, blood clots, different toxins and pathogen please read our toxins section. Different people’s body gives different responses, sometimes hardly anything comes out from a person’s skin and that is not a bad thing. Because the cuts are very light the body heals the area very quick and automatically the blood stops coming out. We constantly analyze the patient if they are feeling well or not. Only in paradise you will be 100% pure and clean.

Ans: Depends how many cups you do, the standard three cups on the back takes approximately 30mins.

Ans: It is totally up to you, some do it every month as a preventative medicine in the sunnah days, which is 17th, 19th and the 21st of the Islamic lunar calender. Others do it after 3 months or 6 months or even after a year. Hijama is a detoxification therapy, there are other detox programs that people follow for example, they may start to have more fruits and vegetables, antioxidant drinks, cut down on fatty unhealthy foods and so on.

Ans: Possible side effects are feeling light headed, sick/nausea (especially in the morning on an empty stomach), fainting/blackout due to lack of energy and temporary bruising. These cases are very rare and only occur if the patient is very unwell. Unlike the drugs, medicines and operations done by allopathy which will have side effects. The cupping therapy is free from any side effects. Except few marks which will come due to the stagnation of blood which will remain for few days.

Ans: If you had a miscarriage recently we do not recommend hijama because after a miscarriage the body needs to rejuvenate itself, it can take close to 6 months to a year depending on the individual and how serious the miscarriage was, you must see your doctor before you try to conceive again. For sisters who had a miscarriage we strongly recommend to have a good nutrition diet with multivitamins everyday, believe me it will make a difference to your body. Avoid eating too much of carbs and spices e.g. rice, spice and red meat. Some shiekhs recommend for a woman after giving birth to wait at least 2 years before planning to get pregnant, because the body needs to fully recover and so on. You can try hijama after 6 months of your miscarriage (depending on what the doctor says and your situation), please make sure you are eating well and you do not need to fast before doing hijama. If you just ate we recommend for you to wait at least 2-3 hours before the hijama treatment.