About Us

Our Vision

To be the most trusted Healthcare Institution in Clinical Excellence, Patient Centricity and Ethical Practices.

Our Mission

We are committed to Research and deliver Safe, Ethical and CostEffective Herbal Treatment with Passion and Dedication.

Our Aim

To provide you with the best Unani Medicines, Hijama (Cupping Therapy) and Treatments with negative side effects.


We Have More Than 30+ Years of Practical Experience

Shaheen Herbal & Hijama Clinic is situated at an easy-to-access areas of Karachi, First Branch is located in Arambagh and Second Branch is located near Airport, Malir Cantt, with a focus on holistic approach to various medical conditions through Unani System of Medicine, Prophetic Medicine, and Regimenal Therapies.
In our clinic we focus on the overall condition of the individual, rather than on the particular ailment or disease from which the patient is suffering, and the use of herbs is our core part. We emphasis on health rather than on disease and we have a holistic approach to life, equilibrium of the mind, and body. Through our unique perspective, we provide you with the most natural and safest Unani Herbal Medicines for variousailments which has negative side effects.

Our Branches

Arambagh Branch

First Branch

Airport Branch, Near Malir Cantt


Second Branch

|Doctor’s Who Are More

We have skilled doctors in our clinic who are well qualified in the Unani discipline of Medicine to provide you with the best Unani Care, Services and Treatments. We make sure that specific medicines for treatment from the family tradition are prepared by our team of professionals at our high tech processing and manufacturing unit.

Unani / Eastern Medicine Treatment

The Unani System of Medicine and Surgery has in-depth potential in treating of
diseases and disorders.

100’s Of Clinical Trials

Patients worldwide seem to have adopted herbal medicine in a major way, and its efficacy has been tested.